Hexagon Dance Collective

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Brigitte Axelrode began her dance training in classical jazz and ballet in Orinda, CA at the California Academy of Performing Arts. She participated in two summer intensives at the Alonzo King Lines Ballet Company and attended Loyola Marymount University’s dance program under the direction of Lillian Barbeito, John Todd, Jason Myre, and Damon Rago. Axelrode has performed Namita Kapoor’s “Hindu Swing” in San Francisco, California, and has worked with choreographers such as Cherice Barton, Dana Foglia, and Rosalynde Le Blanc. Axelrode is also one of the co-founders and co-choreographers of Hexagon Dance Collective, a company focused on creating works that highlight the unique voice of six young women. Axelrode currently resides in Los Angeles where she will cultivate a career in both the commercial and concert dance world.

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